Tomorrow Yoga Schedule at Prima Elements Wellness Center!

?9:30am – Warm Yoga?

A vinyasa flow where poses are guided by the breath in a dynamic sequence to create a flow of yoga movements.

Class is 60 minutes with a temperature of 85-95 and a variety of music.

All levels from beginners to advanced yoga practitioners are welcome.


????11:00am???? – Strength Yoga

When we practice yoga poses we involve the whole body, rather than trying to isolate specific muscles – like when using fixed gym machines.

We recruit other muscle groups to act as stabilizers, as well as the functional strength training.

Meaning building strength in the whole body so that it can perform daily activities in the real world, not just lifting a certain amount of weight. This flow of continuous movement will improve resting metabolic rate.

60 minutes class with a variety of music


?6:30 pm ? – GENTLE Yoga

This class will consist of a flow of slow and gentle movements. Allowing us to feel our bodies in every posture and to feel beach breath as through out each movement.

The beauty of this class is allowing your body to dance with the magic of our energy.

Beginner to advanced

60 minute class