Teething ??

It usually begins around 6 months, but there is a wide variation in this, as in all aspects of child development.

Teething may cause inflammation and soreness of the guns and, if there is discomfort, fever. Rashes are often associated with teething but they are more likely to be caused by salvia.

Sleepless nights may occur, starting a cycle of discomfort and tiredness which makes the baby more irritable.

Teething can also cause runny stools or a runny nose. Some babies get constipated, and the best thing for them is fresh pressed fruit juice.

Oils to use for teething problems:

Chamomile, Lavendar, Yarrow.

You can create a blend with these four oils:

3 drops of each

dilute in 5 teaspoons vegetable oil and mix


Take 1 tsp oil mix put in egg cup. Fill with ice-cold water and STIR VERY WELL.

Two-part treatment:

First, dip Colton-wool ball into the mixture in the eggcup and wipe baby’s guns very gently.

Then, using just the oil mix, massage around the outside of the face along the side of jaw. — ?feeling relaxed with Rae Johnson and 4 others at ?Prima Elements Wellness Center.