As I mentioned earlier this week one of the perks of being apart of this weeks BOGO group was to have the chance to win a FREE Wellness Advocate Membership!!!

If you haven’t become your own supplier of Essential Oils but are interested in taking on this journey, I’ve got news for you! DROP a GIF below to be entered into the raffle!! ?

What’s the perks of becoming a wellness advocate??

?When you sign up as a Wellness Advocate, you can purchase doTERRA products at wholesale prices (which is 25 percent below retail prices).

?You will also be able to participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) and the Product of the Month Club

?Wholesale Membership for $35.

?Private Members Community,

?Essential Oil Education.

?Free Shipping With $100+.

?Live Chat Available.

?Brands: Deep Blue®, ClaryCalm®, doTERRA On Guard®.

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