Prima Elements LLC is a Holistic Wellness Center that offers modalities such as juicing, aromatherapy, massage, guided meditation, yoga and the trademark RestStation Therapy that allows our clients to rejuvenate and detoxify their mind, body, and spirit. Prima provides these services to help relieve stress and improve ailing individual’s overall health ultimately improving quality of life. Our caring, expert lifestyle coaches provide fitness, food and nutritional coaching by promoting fresh juices cleanses for detox, and to increase energy coupled with essential oils for their antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Prima Elements will also host self-healing activities such as yoga, chakra balancing, reiki, guided mediation, and wellness workshops.  Our wellness center has one of the few fresh juice bars that offers organic foods and body-balancing herbs to boost immune function. With a focus on holistic care and disease prevention, Prima consultants personalize mind, body, and spirit wellness regimens to fit each client based on their goals and needs.

Prima Elements is a veteran owned and operated family business located in the historic district of Fayetteville, North Carolina, and proud to support the military Soldiers and families located on Fort Bragg, Home of the Airborne. Although Army culture prioritizes fitness and wellbeing, the Army has realized the importance of looking at soldier’s health from a holistic lens. Prima partners with the local facilities, organizations, and programs offering modalities proven to help active duty and veterans overcome post-traumatic stress disorders and disabilities. Prima Elements is a trusted local holistic wellness center committed to achieve optimal health and sustainable growth through superior care for its community.