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Prima Elements:

Prima Elements is a Holistic Wellness Center located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Our facility offers holistic health services i.e., yoga, meditation, massage and nutrition. Prima Elements provides holistic services to help reduce stress promote healthy choices for ailing individuals in the community. Our wellness center offers a caring, team of professionals that provide natural healthy options for various concerns, massage, and detoxifying through natural cleanses. Prima also hosts fitness activities such as yoga, RestStation Therapy, Guided Meditation and sell organic refreshments juices and smoothies. With a focus on holistic care and prevention, our wellness center has personalized its services to treat each individual as uniquely representing a beautiful mind, body, and spirit that has purpose and capable of creating love, harmony, peace, and happiness within even in a challenging environment or situation.

Prima Elements College Vision:

Prima Elements Holistic Wellness Center provides a safe and nonjudgmental environment for children to express their creative abilities and afford enrichment activities for all K-12 students within our community. Our activity schedule will increase focus on promoting a wholesome and positive lifestyle for children consistent with Encore Kids College (EKC). We would like to help facilitate learning, allow children to make meaningful choices, and build self-esteem through creating opportunities for "success" that encourage innovation and productivity to better prepare students to meet life’s personal and academic challenges.


Roles and Responsibilities of Prima Elements Holistic Wellness Center:

Prima Elements will provide courses that will allow children to develop academic capacities to live in the modern world. The following classes will be available to all K-12 Students in the EKC program.

  • Educational classes such as yoga and meditation.
  • Workshops (hands on activities) with a focus essential oils, nature, and natural herbs and spices.
  • Educational classes and workshops on alkaline diet with fresh fruits and vegetables.



All fees will be paid directly to Prima Elements instructors. Prima Elements operates on a for profit basis while hosting classes to benefit and educate the children within our community. Tuition will be paid on a monthly basis with a no refund policy. The monthly tuition will be in the amount of $80 per child. Cash, Check, and Credit/Debit cards are forms of payment accepted by Prima Elements.

EKC Schedule of Events at Prima Elements:

January 8th  – Kids Yoga – Garden Yoga

January 10th –Positive Affirmations for Kids! (NEW YEAR, NEW YOU)

January 15th – NO CLASS

January 17th – Kids Yoga – Poses For Partners

January 22nd – Foods That Create Mucus vs. Foods That Eliminate Mucus

January 24th – Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Kids

January 29thth – Kids Yoga – Poses For Partners

January 31st - DIY: Bouncy Balls with Essential Oils

February 5th – NO CLASS

February 7th– Kids Yoga – Garden Yoga

February 12th – Essential Oils DIY Salt Dough Hearts

February 14th – Vitamin Packed Green Smoothies

February 19th – NO CLASS

February 21st – Kids Yoga - Animal Poses

February 26th – DIY Essential Oil Fun Soap

February 28th – Kids Yoga – Garden Yoga

March 5th – Mandala Coloring Book Meditation (Anti-Stress)

March 7th – Kids Yoga – Poses For Partners

March 12th - NO CLASS

March 14th – 8 Fun Breathing Exercises

March 19th – Kids Yoga – Garden Yoga

March 21st – DIY Moon Sand with Essential Oils

March 26th – Kids Yoga – Poses For Partners

March 28th - Mandala Coloring Book Meditation

April 9th – Essential Oil Aromatherapy Play Dough

April 11th – Kids Yoga – Animal Poses

April 16th – 15 Ways to Teach Mindfulness

April 18th - DIY Polka Dot Slime with Essentiall Oils

April 23rd - Kids Yoga – Poses For Partners

April 25th - DIY Chalksicles with Essential Oils

April 30th – Vitamin Packed Green Smoothies

May 2nd - Kids Yoga – Animal Poses

May 7th - Learn to make Cilantro - Kale Pesto Dipping Sauce 

May  9th - Learn to make Strawberry Orange Granita

May 14th - Kids Yoga – Garden Poses

May 16th - Hydration: H20 Why More/Water Testing

May 21st - Kids Yoga – Poses For Partners

May 23rd - Mandala Coloring Book Meditation

May 28th - NO CLASS

May 30th - Kids Yoga- Animal Poses

June 4th - DIY Bubble Making wth Essential Oils 

June 6th- Healthy Year Celebration 

Point of Contact (POC) for this proposal
Ms. Audriaunna Kitterman (certified Yoga Instructor)
Assistant Manager Prima Elements Holistic Wellness Center,
Telephone (910) 483-8406,
Email: primaelements@gmail.com.
124 Anderson Street
Fayetteville, NC 28301
(910) 483-8406