Prima Essential Oils is in one of the top online distributors of d?TERRA® essential oils and supplementary products. Whether you are new to d?TERRA and looking for a strong team to join or are an experienced aromatherapist in search of a reliable distributor, we have everything you’ll need—from oils to recipes—to keep you learning and growing throughout your lifetime in the knowledge and proper application of these precious botanical essences that are nothing short of a natural miracle.

You’re already on the right track by seeking out d?TERRA as your source for essential oils. The essential oils produced by this inspiring company are unmatched in quality and potency across the market and even the world. Out of thousands of essential oils companies, only d?TERRA adheres to a CPTG® Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade standard that ensures each bottle you use is filled with only the purest and safest essential oils sourced from carefully selected locations and farmers across the globe.

No matter where you stand now with essential oils, we’re here to guide you through each step of your journey with d?TERRA. In addition to providing life-enhancing health benefits through their essential oils, d?TERRA also provides a lucrative business opportunity that will allow you to do anything from earning enough money to cover the cost of your oils to running a personal business large enough to take the place of your normal income—how far you go with it is entirely up to you.

The confidence that comes from the sound business practices of d?TERRA, including the CPTG® Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade standard and their well-established humanitarian mission, imbues a sense of trust that ripples across multiple levels. First and most importantly, d?TERRA essential oils provide the confidence and assurance you require from a product that will come in direct contact with you and your family.  And, if you choose to pursue the d?TERRA business opportunity, this sense of trust will give you the confidence to share the oils with friends and to build a business that will become a reliable and flexible source of income for you.

The answer to the everyday health questions we face may be simpler than we could’ve ever imagined, thanks to d?TERRA essential oils. Choosing to buy d?TERRA essential oils is utilizing nature’s resources for a happy, vibrant life. And when applied safely and correctly, these essential oils can work wonders in supporting mental and physical health and wellness for people everywhere.

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